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Question 1

Information retrieval and understanding- 10 minutes

8 marks

-Embedded quotations

-Track the WHOLE text

-Reword quotations

-Make perceptive points

-6 points

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Question 2

Presentational features-10 minutes

8 marks

-Embedded quotes/ examples

-Zoom in on parts of picture/ headline

-Zoom out of quote and link to article

-5-6 points

-Headline to text/ Picture to text

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Question 3

Inference- thoughts and feelings-15 minutes

8 marks

-Relevant and embedded quotes

-Track the WHOLE text

-Zoom in on key words

-Explore possible connotations

-Zoom out and link ideas to key words

-5-6 points (3 thoughts/3 feelings)

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Question 4

Language comparison- 25 minutes

16 marks

-(T) Identify technique/ type of language

-(E) Use embedded quotes

-(Az) Zoom in on technique/ explain effect on reader

-(Az) Zoom out/ connect to effect in whole text

-Compare technique with 2nd source

-Repeat TEAzz for 2nd paragraph

-6 paragraphs

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