The transformation of surgery - HOW TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION

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Question 2


Mark scheme says "Analysis of the treatment or selection of the source content is 

used to explain impression." 

Before you start writing quickly underneath the picture refrase the question 'why was this picture made' etc then write down all the relevant point you can thing of.

Sentence starters - 

The artist creates the impression that/the picture is trying to show.....

I get that impression because they blah blah......

This implies.......

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Question 1

Inference question - 

  • extract information from the source
  • make inferences from the source 
  • support the inferences 

I can infer from SOURCE that.......

I can infer this BECAUSE

Make as many points as possible, minimum 2 (3 just to be safe)

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Question 3

Question 3 has 4 main steps-

First  - how do the sources support the statement given

Second - How do the sources not support each other

Then you discuss reliability, this is basically provenance and content (memorise the table about provenance). Think about who wrote the source, why they wrote it? What exactly they said? Do these things make you trust what they are saying?

Third - Talk about reliability of all the sources

Final step - Conclusion short summary about whether the sources do or do not support the statement and even more so if you they are reliable 

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Question 4

Question 4 also has approximately 4 steps

First - Discuss how useful the sources are: 

"source # and source # are both useful because"

Second - How limited they are what information is not included

"However there are limitations to how useful source # and source # are"

Third - Provenance, think about the provenance, does it make you trust the source? Why was it written. Nature, Origin, Purpose.

Fourth - Content. Think about language, what they might chose to put in and what they chose to leave out. Also typicality of the source.

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Question 5

1. Show some way of how the sources support one side of the argument then give evidence for this from the source and your own knowledge.

2. Say how strong this evidence is by discussing how reliable/unreliable it is. 

3 The good answers will then also say someways I'm which the source supports the other side of the argument then will give evidence  for this from the sources and own knowledge.

4. Say how strong this evidence is by again discussing reliability.

5. Finally conclusion. weigh out the evidence for and against and give an overall balanced judgement. 


  • Level 4 answers will use sources AND own knowledge 
  • To show the examiner you have to come to a balanced judgement use the sentence

"After considering both sides of the argument, my balanced judgement is......"

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Ayesha Khanom


Thank you very much ! :)

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