Quality of Life

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Factors influencing quality of life

  • employment
  • education
  • good physical environment
  • religious and political freedom
  • low crime
  • disposable income
  • political and social stability
  • government spending on services
  • low divorce rate
  • holidays
  • health care - low mental health problems
  • balance
  • infrastructure
  • lack of discrimmination - equality
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Measuring human rights and freedom

The Millenium Development Goals:

It has been suggested that basic human rights can be measured, and their development tracked by comparing agains the MDGs. These are multi-dimensional in nature and include social welfare issues and human rights.


  • eradicate hunger
  • universal primary education
  • gender equality
  • decrease child mortality
  • improve maternal health
  • combat HIV/AIDS
  • ensure environmental sustainability
  • develop a global partnership for development
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Quality of Life indicator

Variables included are:

  • healthiness: life expectancy at birth (in years)
  • family life: divorce rate (per 1,000 people) converted into index of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)
  • community life: variable taking value 1 if country has either high rate of church attendance or trade-union membership, zero otherwise
  • material well being: GDP per person
  • political stability and security: political stability and security ratings
  • climate and geography: latitude to distinguish between warmer and colder climates
  • job security:  unemployment rate (%)
  • gender equality: measured using ration of average male to female earnings
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