Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance Definition

A programme put in place to ensure a level of quality.

Process orientated

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Quality Control Definition

How we measure, monitor, and maintain standards and each aspect

Product orientated

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Light beam diaphragm permits collimation. 

It ensures congruency between the light beam and the radiation field.

The light beam diaphragm also permits correct centring of the beam.

Collimation affects 3 different things:

Scatter-  Collimation reduces scatter radiation

Quality- Collimation improves the quality of the radiograph

Dose- Collimation reduces dose to the pt as it is reducing low level energy photons that are not necessary.

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Beam alignment tools

If both steel balls are seen on the radiograph there is a lack of congruency. The brass plate underneath shows how far the congruency is out by.

Image result for beam alignment tool 

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Remedial level- The level at which the test results differ by set margins and action should be taken to rectify it.

Suspension level- The level at which equipment use should be suspended and equipment should be taken out of service with immediate effect.

IPEM- Institute of physics and engineering in medicine.

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