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The British Standards Institution is an organisation that produces national standards for certain products. When a business produces a product and proves it meets the agreed quality and safety standards specified by the BSI, the product will be marked with a BS 'kitemark' symbol.

  • This may be able to give an organisaton a competitive advantage.
  • Gives consumers confidence in the product because it has reached agreed BSI standards.
  • Many international standards an organisation can gain. e.g petrol stations with BS EN 223 - displayed on pumps where unleaded fuel has met agreed quality standards.
  • However, the process and paperwork involved in gaining a BSI standard may be lengthy.
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Quality Management

This is a system of doing things right first time. No errors are tolerated. All staff, regardless of their position in the organisation are involved in ensuring absolute quality of their work. Work processes are scrutinised. Teams/quality circles constantly strive to make processes more efficient and reduce waste.

Commitment to quality managment requires a clearly defined quality policy; focus on customer satisfaction;substantial staff training; constant auditing to ensure the process is working; teamwork at all levels; employee empowerment and a commitment from all staff regardless of their position in the organisation.

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Quality Circles

These involve small groups of workers meeting at regular intervals to discuss where improvements can be made in the production process. Suggestions are then made to management for approval before being implemented.

By including them in quality circles, workers should be more motivated, more productive and more willing to introduce new production methods.

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At certain points in the production process, products are checked to ensure that they meet agreed quality standards. All aspects of the production process are looked at to ensure errors do not occur.

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Quality Control

A manafacturer passes a sample of their raw materials and the final product through a quality control check. Any unacceptable products are then discarded as waste or sent back for reworking. 

This ensures that substandard products are not sold to customers.

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