Puss in Boots- characters

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An arrogant cat who wears boots and serves as a vallet to a young man. Puss helps his master win the young woman's love and eventually marries her cat(Tabby)

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Puss' Master

A lecherous young man whom love strikes him dumb. His love for the young woman turns him from a bachelor into a faithful husband

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The young woman

The wife of Signor Panteleone who is kept in a tower. When her husband dies she marries the master if puss

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The Hag

A crone who serves as a governess to the young woman

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Signore Panteleone

An old impotent man who keeps his wife in a tower. He dies of a broken neck when Tabby trips him on the stairs.

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The young woman's cat who plots with puss to bring hers and his master and mistress together. She trips Signore Panteleone on the stairs so that he breask his neck and dies. At the story's end she marries Puss and has kittens with him.

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