Pure Substances and Mixtures

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Useful Vocabulary

Solvent A liquid

Solute A solid capable of dissolving into a solvent

Insoluble A substance that doesn't dissolve eg. sand

Soluble A substance which does dissolve eg. sugar

Solution The result of a solution dissolving in a solution

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Solutions and Suspensions

A pure substance contains only one substance. A mixture contains two or more substances that can be easily separated.

A solution is a mixture of a soluble substance (solute) and a solvent.

A suspension is a mixture of an insoluble substance and a solvent.

A solution is clear whereas a suspension in cloudy.

A solution with no colour is colourless, not clear.

A coloured solution may be clear.

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Separation Techniques


Filtration is used to separate suspensions from one another and therefore end up with a solvent and a solid.


Distillation is a separating technique used to separate two or more liquids which have different boiling points, or to separate a solute from a solvent (the solvent is collected)


Evaporation is used to separate a solute from a solvent.

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Chromotography is used to separate a mixture of soluble substances such as ink and dyes.

A line in pencil is drawn on chromotography paper and the sample is placed on the line.

The solvent level must be below the pencil line.

The solvent should soak up the paper.

The most soluble substance in the mixture travels the furthest and the least soluble travels the shortest.

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