Baroque Arias


No 58 from Bach's St John Passion - 'All Is Fulfil

  • Bm, about Jesus dying on the cross
  • Obbligato Viola Da Gamba
  • Falling motif 'All is fulfilled
  • Sparse texture, voice interjected by viola
  • Augmentation of interval on 'O Hope' - perfect 5th - major 6th, crying out/desperation
  • B section in D - relative major, sense of triumph
  • Syllabic vocal line 'the lion of Judah fought the fight'
  • Rising sequential bass line
  • Now in fast triple time
  • Contrasting, fuller texture
  • Arpeggiated, driving strings in 3rds, high violin trill - agitation
  • Rising melisma on 'prevailed' and 'fight'
  • Ends with unaccompanied voice on 'it is finished' - alone and final, no return to the A section because that is the end - he dies.
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Purcell - Hark! Each Tree, Ode for St Cecilia's Da

  • Praising the wood used to make violins and flutes, praising St Cecilia the patron saint of music
  • Instrumentation flute and violins playing in 3rds and sixths
  • Antiphony between the two sections
  • Long melisma on the words 'silence breaks'
  • Long notes on 'hark'
  • Violins play joyful, springtly semiquavers on the words 'sprightly violin'
  • Passage of imitation between the violins
  • Flutes play long, flowing melody on 'flute distinctly speaks'
  • Ascending, florid melodic line on 'with leafy wings they flew'
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