Purposes of punishment.

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The Five purposes of Punishment

Retribution - making the criminal pay.

Deterrence - a warning to other potential criminals.

Protection - to look after the interests of law abiding citizens.

Reformation - giving the criminal the opportunity to change.

Vindication - a way of showing what society finds acceptable or unacceptable.

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Christian beliefs about the treatment of criminals

  • Christianity teaches forgiveness for wrongdoings.
  • Wrongdoing still has to be punished to pay for the damage done.
  • Prisoners should be given a chance to reform and start afresh on their release.
  • Jesus told his followers to care for both the weak and prisoners.
  • Criminals and victims must both be cared for.
  • In 2004, the Catholic Church called for reform of prisons, including giving prisoners the right to vote.
  • The Church of England often has chaplains in prisons to support the criminals and their families.
  • The Catholic Church and Church of England support the idea of restorative justice.
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