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Semi-Colon ;

Replaces a full stop or 'and' between two or more sentences that share a theme.

Used before a joining word when a stronger pause and emphasis is required.

For example:

I have a big test tomorrow; I can't go out.


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Colon :

Used at the end of a sentence to show an answer, elaboration or explanation follows, e.g. a list, quotation, answer or contrast.

For example:

Life is like a puzzle: half of the fun is in trying to figure it out.


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Ellipsis ...

Used informally to show an incomplete sentence.

Used to create dramatic affect or tension.

For example:

So...what happened?

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Brackets (  )

Used around an inserted comment, explanation or additional information.

For example:

When he got home (it was already dark outside), he fixed dinner.

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