Publications of Henrician government


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1536 - 10 Articles

  • Produced by Cromwell
  • Aformulary of new church’s faith
  • Henry didn’t agree with Luther’s ideas but break with Rome went badly so needed German princes support
  • Articles mentioned baptism, penance and Eucharist only but didn’t deny the other four
  • They also mention justification by faith but in a way that was acceptable to conservative clergy
  • Didn’t mention transubstantiation but did mention real presence

6/10 protestant 4/10 catholic

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1537 - Bishop's Book

  • Produced by bishops, Henry was greatly distracted by Jane Seymour’s death
  • Looked to deal with the issue of justification, purgatory and states of other four sacraments
  • Henry did not read the draft
  • Seven sacraments again but the others are lesses
  • There is sola fide but good works must also be done, combines both theories
  • Confirms transubstantiation
  • Priest must preach (protestant) catholics feel it is to be the eucharist/mass
  • No hierarchy in church
  • Renumbered the 10 commandments, took out images

5/10 protestant 5/10 catholic

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1538 - English Bible

  • Organised preaching campaigns against Catholic practices eg worshipping images
  • Promotes circulation and use of vernacular Bible
  • Propaganda tool by Henry designed to enhance his kingship
  • Cromwell saw it as a significant move into making the word of God reachable
  • £400 of Cromwell’s own money for printing
  • 1538 said all churches had to have a copy
  • Nov 1539 3000 Bibles
  • 1540 price cut so people could afford it
  • High point of evangelical success in Henrician government
  • Conservatives disagreed, not many rural parishes purchased it
  • Positive and lasting evangelical reform

completely protestant

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1539 - 6 Articles

  • Took out four of the previous articles from 1536
  • Confirmed transubstantiation, private masses and auricular confession
  • Banned clerical marriage/taking communion in both kinds, only one or the other
  • Upheld vows of chastity
  • Archbishop cranmer was married so sent off his wife
  • Henry had much more control
  • 2/10 protestant (no pope)  8/10 catholic

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1543 - King's book

  • Outlined traditional core of catholic doctrines
  • Removed Lutheranism from Bishop’s book
  • 6 articles involved, 10 commandments, the creed, 7 sacraments and lord’s prayer were all laid out. Creed: state what beliefs are
  • Bible reading is restricted to only the rich, upperclass men and the clergy. if normal people read it then there would be uproar

1/10 protestant 9/10 catholic

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