Definitions of Abnormality

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Definitions of Abnormality

Statistical Infrequency: Your behaviour is statistically uncommon

+Sometimes appropriate - eg. high IQ

-Misdiagnosis - common problems go undiagnosed eg. depression is quite common meaning that it is statistically normal - wheres the cut off point (subjective)

-Some abnormal behaviour is desirable - needs to be frequent and undesirable to be abnormal

Deviation from Social Norms: Your behaviour violates unwritten rules in a society or culture

+Situational norms - maybe some behaviours are not appropriate in certain context and degree

-Cultural relitavism - what is normal in one culture may not be in another

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Definitions of Abnormality 2

Failure to Function Adequately: Unable to do normal things that are required in everyday life

+Focuses on subjective view of the patient

-Behaviour might be functional to the individual (subjective)

-Who judges how functional the behaviour is or isn't

Deviation from Ideal Mental Health: You are unable to cope with the demands of everyday life which interferes with your social/occupational wellbeing

Johoda's Principles of Ideal Mental Health: Autonomy, Resistant to stress, etc.

+Takes a positive outlook and holistic nature

-Unrealistic criteria - eg. self-actulisation

-Suggests mental health is the same as physical

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Obsessive: Obsessions (Cognitive): Persistent/forbidden thoughts cause anxiety

Compulsive: Complusions (Behaviours): Repetitive behaviour to reduce anxiety

Disorder: Depression (Emotional): High levels of anxiety can lead to depression

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Depressed mood (Emotional)

Energy, lack of (Behaviour)

Pleasure, lack of (Emotional)

Reduced self-worth, worthless (Emotional)

Eating, change in appetite (Behaviour)

Sleeping, change in sleep (Behaviour)

Inability to concentrate (Cognitive)

Occasional suicidal thoughts (Cognitive)

Negative thoughts (Cognitive)

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