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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scientific method in psychology

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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scienti

One characteristic of a science is: Control Examples of what we would want to control in psychology include Confounding Varibles (Participants age,gender.The environment, temprature). Laboratory experiments=BEST example of control.

Why is it an Advantage? Will allow us to establish a Cause+Effect relationship → able to make predictions of future behaviour and actions. Controlling them is a huge advantage, allows us to be CONFIDENT! in our results and gives them High Experimental Validity.

Research Examples:

Loftus + Palmer study on eyewitness testimony. The lab setting meant confounding variables could be controlled eg. Using same video of car crashes whilst an IV was manipulated ie. Leading question, to provide results with High Experimental Validity.

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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scienti

One characteristic of a science is: Replicabilty, The ability to repeat the research and replicate the findings.

Why is it an Advantage? We can test to see if results are just a one-off event that was due to chance or whether it is a Consistent and Reliable effect. As a result it can help demonstrate if findings are TRUSTWORTHY! or not.

Research Examples:

Gibsons + Walk, study of depth perception. This was repeated a large number of times and the findings were Consistent, this allows us to conclude that the theory that depth perception is innate is a TRUSTWORTHY! one.

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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scienti

One characteristic of a science is: Objectivity, Collecting without any bias. The research should not allow any Opinions or Personal judgment to affect the study in anyway. Includes how they carry out study, anylase and write up report

Why is it an Advantage? They are much more Factual rather than opinions. This means the findings will be more Valid (accurate) and also be Reliable (consistent). Procedures such as the double blind are used widely and are very objective.

Research Examples:

Asch, study on conformity. Trials were strictly controlled and conducted the same way every time + results gathered were Quantitative data. This meant they could not be interpreted any other way eg. there was a mean conformity rate 37% suggesting -More VALID! [Buss used a double-Blind technique to remain objective]

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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scienti

One characteristic of a science is: Predictability, allows us to make an educated guess/ forsee future behaviour that people may show.

Why is it an Advantage? Prevent undesirable behaviour from happening in the first place eg. prevent crime or illness. If research tells us certain outcomes are  to happen, we can Intervene and Change things to ensure the outcome is Positive 

Research Examples:

Langer + Rodin, benefits of predictability as thier experiment demonstrated that giving elderly people more choice causes them to have higher rate of wellbeing. Allows us to predict that giving elderly people less choice = Lower wellbeing changing that should lead to higher wellbeing - Useful in real world

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Issue 1 - The advantages of the use of the scienti

Other Advantages of psychology being viewed as a science

  • By promoting psychology as a scientific discipline, it is likeier to receive support from the public and to achieve funding for research proposals.


  • Clear, objective conclusions can be made from scientific investigations which can provide useful applications.

One example = Behavioural therapies such as systematic desensitisation which has benefited thousands who have been treated for mental disorders such as phobias.

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