Psychology (Research methods, and ethics Pt.2) AQA GCSE

A set of revision cards for psychology

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A set of questions designed to interrogate PP's on a certain point.

They can have either open or closed questions. A closed questions is one which only allows a yes or no answer. An open question on the other hand allows PP free reign over their input.

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Interviews are face to face sessions with the PP who is then asked a series of questions. These interviews can be either structured or semi-structured.

Structured - Consists of a series of fixed questions with a set of fixed answers.

Semi-structured - Comprises of open questions providing data which is detailed but very hard to quantify.

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This is where a person is observed and their behaviour is noted. This is then interpreted by multiple observers and when they agree on what it means it is called inter-observer reliability.

when the PP is only observed for a certain amount of time in any given set of time it is called time sampling.

Observation is good because PP's can display very natural behaviour. Although the downside is its basically stalking.

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Correlational study

These studies are used to find out if there is a link between one thing and another.

If a positive correlation is shown it is because both things increase at the same time

A negative correlation indicates that one decreases as tho other increases.

For these use a scatter graph.

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Stuart Corrigan


Wheres  the  ethics?



Combine these cards with the 'Research methods & Ethics Pt.1' set and you have a very useful complete set of revision cards!

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