Psychology Research methods

Approaches and research methods in psychology

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Nominal data

The number is just a label or name for a category that does not have any mathematical properties. easy way of coding behaviours

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Ordinal data

Involves numbers that can be put in order, but do not have any mathematical properties. Eg; on a scale of 1-10, 1 being strongly diagree and 10 being strongly agree, to what extent do you agree sweets should be banned in schools?

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Type 1 error false positive

Accepting the alternate hypothesis although the null was true

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Type 2 error false negative

Accepting the null hypothesis although the alternate was true

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Chi-square test

This is used for nominal data when data are categorical. you can have a two-by-two or a three-by-two chi square test

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Sign test

This is used for ordinal data when you are looking for a difference between conditions and your design is repeated measures.

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Wilcoxon signed ranks test

Used for ordinal or interval-level data and is used when you are lookung for a difference netween two conditions, whe your experimental design is either repeated measures or matched pairs

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Spearman's RHo rank correlation co-efficient

this is a test of relationship (correlation) can be used for ordinal, interval-level data and measures relationships between variables for each particpant

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