Psychology of Education


  • Teaching and learning
  • Student Participation
  • The social world of teaching and learning
  • Enabling learning dealing with diversity

Teaching and learning

  • Theories of knowledge acquisistion
  • Personal approaches to learning
  • Personal approaches to teaching
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1. Stage theories

Piaget's four stages of cognitive development
Intellectual development
Sensorimotor stage: from birth to about 18 months
learning through senses
Pre-operational stage: from 18 months to about 7 years
when symbols and rules become importants
Concrete operational stage: between 7 years and 12 years
hought experiments become a possibility but still limited by the present world and how its is
Formal operational stage: 12 years and above
thoughts are governed by logical reasoning / cause and effect are considered

Been cristised by Samuel and Bryant - methodology & universal application in all cultures.








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