Psychology- Models for the Prevention of Depression



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Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA)

  • Assumes that behaviour is a function of the intention to perform that behaviour,  Ajzen and Fishbein.
  • It was suggested that a behavioural intention is determined by
    • Perceived facts and their personal consequences
    • Social norms (e.g my parents smoke) which then leads to...
    • The intention (e.g I won't be so foolish') and finally...
    • To a behaviour such as refusing a cigarette


  • Supported by research evidence- TRA has successfully predicted a wide range of behaviours such as blood donation.  However, attitudes and behaviour are only weakly related, as people don't always do what they intend to
  • Fails to take past behaviours into account despite being a good predictor of the future
  • Fails to account for peoples irrational decisions, Penny.  Similarily, Maes and van Elderen argue that
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