Psychology- Mary Ainsworth, the strange situation.

Goes through the procedure (8 steps) of Ainsworth's procedure to find out the attachment levels of children and their mothers in the USA.

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Mary Ainsworth- the strange situation.

the procedure was conducted in 8 steps-
1. The mother and child were escorted into a room, where there are toys for the child to play with.

2. The child explores the room and plays with the toys whilst the mother is present.

3. A stranger enters, greets the mother and talks to her, and then tries to interact with the child through play.

4. The mother gets up and leaves the stranger and the child alone.

5. After a while the mother comes back in and consoles the child, the stranger leaves. 

6. The mother leaves the child in the room alone.

7. The stranger comes back in and tries to interact and console the child.

8. The mother then comes back in to console and comfort the child. 

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Would have been helpful if the title were more specific. But gives a good idea of what the method/ procedure was.

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