Psychology - Learning

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Psychology - Learning

Operant Conditioning

  • Learning due to the consequences of behavior, through positive and negative reinforcement

Law of Effect

  • If a certain response has pleasant consequences, it is more likely than other responses to occur in the same circumstances
  • In thorndikes experiment, a cat was put in a pox with a handle infront of it that would open a door to escape the box when pulled, this was repeated, and the cat soon learnt that it would open the door and this positive reinforcement made it do this.


  • He had a skinner box that he put a rat in. The box had a button that would make food come out the bottom of it, for the rat. The rat learnt that this would happen and would start pressing the button.
  • This was done again, but the floor was electrified and if the button was pressed it would go back to normal

Behavior Shaping

  • Broken down into small steps
  • Good to teach complex behaviors to animals and humans
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