Psychology Ethics

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  • Have the subjects of the study made an informed consent to take part?
  • Have the parents of child subjects given informed consent to the research procedures?
  • Have payments been used to induce risk taking behaviour?
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  • Have the subjects been deceived?
  • Was there any other way to carry out the study other than by using deception?
  • Have the procedures been approved by other psychologists?


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  • Have the subjects been effectively debriefed?
  • Has any stress caused by the procedures been removed?
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Withdrawal from the investigation;

  • Are the subjects clear that they can withdraw from the study at any time without penalty or scorn?
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  • Participants in psychological research have the right to expect that information they provide will be treated confidentially.
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Protection of particpants

Protection of participants;

Investigators must protect participants from physical and mental harm during the investigation.

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Observational Research

Observational research;

Unless the participants give the consent to being observed, observational research must only take place where those observed could normally be expected to be observed by strangers

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