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comparison between self-report and experimental me

A similarity between self reports and the experimental method is that they are both replicable.

Self reports- closed questions- easy to repeat under similar situations.-Hassles and uplifts scale.  easy to repeat.

Experimental method- lab. Geer and Maisel

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difference between self-report and experimental me

Lab experiments are often more valid than self reports. This is because the experimenter has control over extraneous variable so the results are less likely to be confounded. - Geer and Maisel. Allowed them to establish cause and effect.

Self- reports are often low in validity due to social desirability bias, leading and inflexible questions.This often leads participants to give incorrect responses. Aswell as this if the self report/ questionaire is time consuming they may being to ticek boxes without much thought. -Holmes and Rahe- SRRS- Determine whether correlation between stressful events and ilness. Low validity as not all p's experience events listed on SRRS scale.


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