Psychology AS - Working Memory Model

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  • Baddley and Hitch
  • Improves STM
  • MSM says we do things one at a time but in real life,we can do 2 things(e.g:walk and talk)

1) central executive =attentional system/limited capacity/modality free.Controls slave systems.

2)visuo spatial sketch pad=navigation/visual images

3)phonological loop = spoken/written material

(2 and 3 are SLAVE SYSTEMS)

  • The slave systems are active in different parts of the brain
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these are the the things a WMM can allow....

  • you can do 2 things at a time as long as slave systems are used with each other(e.g: drive and talk- driving is part of the visuo spatial sketch pad and talking is part of the phonological loop)
  • do things within the limited capacity(e.g:when learning to drive,you cannot talk)
  • do things that don't need too much attention(e.g:when driving in a difficult junction,all your limited capacity is used up)
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these are the things the WMM wont allow

  • do things if in same slave system.for example,you cannot talk and read in the same time because they're both in the phonological loop.
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facts on WMM

  • its realistic to see the STM in parts
  • the WMM is doesn't replace the STM,but is an improvement of it
  • reduces importance of rehearsal
  • explains brain damaged patients
  • KF: Shallice and Warrington say his limited capacity is 1 but he still learns at the rate of a normal person.KF has phonological loop damaged but his visuo spatial sketch pad let him learn
  • More fits into STM that MSM says
  • more detailed account of MSM
  • The phonological loop is split into 2 but the visuo spatial sketchpad is not
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splitting the slave systems


phonological store- linked to speech perception.Holds info in speech based form for 1-2 secs .inner ear

articulatory control process-linked to speech production.used to store and rehearse info from phonological store.inner voice


Lieberman says it should be split into two

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Visuo - Spatial Sketch Pad

  • refers to what things look like
  • keeps track of environment (aware we don't bump into things)
  • displays visual and spatial info in LTM- you know how many windows here are in your house by picturing it in your head retained from your LTM and its pictured of sketch pad
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  • replaced unitary store in MSM given subsystems
  • explains more than MSM. explains verbal/comprehension/reading/visual /spatial processing
  • applies to everyday life ( navigation/reading ect...)

  • KF supports this study and so does Baddley and Hitch
  • do sent go on about rehearsal as much as STM


  • not much info on how central executive works.capacity not measured and how it divides in 2 isnt known
  • WMM do sent involve a memory sensory store or LTM included!
  • Lieberman : WMM only links with people who can see.It suggest blind people have no spatial awareness.Although they cannot see (no visual awareness),they have excellent spatial awareness. Lieberman says VSSP should be split in groups.
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