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Multi Store Memory Model

Sensory Memory; temporary store, capacity-large, duration; visual-1/10 of a second, auditory- 2 seconds. Info lost through decay and displacement.


Short Term Memory- brief storage for information being used, capacity- 7+-2 chunks, duration- less than 30 seconds without rehearsal. Info lost through decay, displacement, interference.

Long Term Memory- Permanent store, capacity- virtually unlimited, duration- from minutes to a lifetime. Information lost by encoding failure, consolidation failure, interference, motivated forgetting and retrieval failure.  

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Evaluation Of MSM

Support for the MSM. 

  • Primacy and recency effect
  • Baddeley's research into acoustic and semantic encoding show LTM and STm as separate stores.
  • Case Studies of brain damaged patients can show that short term and long term memory are separate stores.

Problems and Limitations of the MSM.

  • Rehearsal does not always lead to storage and storage can occur without rehearsal.
  • if encoding in short term memory is mostly acoustic how do we understand language.
  • Initial oversimplification of long term memory but this was readdressed by Tulving (semantic and episodic) and Cohen & Squire (procedural and declarative)
  • Some types of information are not amenable to rehearsal eg. smells. 
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