Psychology AS - Developmental Psychology


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Privation - pt1

Disinhibited attachment

Rutter et al. (2007) studied a group of about 100 roman orphans adopted by UK families. Those children who were adopted past 6 months (past the sensitive period of forming attachments) had problems forming soical relationships and with peers.

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Privation - pt2

Sever cases - Deprivition Dwarfism

Gardner (1972) Children who fail to form any sort of attachment are often physically smaller. In the well know case of Genie who was kept locked in a room with no contact with the outside world at all by her father until she was discovered at 13 years of age, though she lookedlike she was only 8 years of age.

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Privation - pt3 - Evaluation


One case study done about twin brothers in Czechoslovakia by Koluchova (1991) proves that recovery is possible. The twins spent the first seven years of their life locked up by their Step-mother. They were discovered and well cared for by two loving sisters. By 14 they had near normal intellectual and social functioning and by 20 they were above average intelligence and had excellent relationships with members of their foster families.

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