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The three definitions of Abnormality.

Definition one - Deviation from Social Norms. This is behaviour that is different from the norm. * Society has norms which are unwritten rules of accepted behaviour. * According to this definition, behaviour that deviates from these norms is considered abnormal. * Abnormal behaviour is behaviour that violates these terms. * This includes the idea that society identifies behaviour which is deemed desirable. The limitations of this approach. * Subjective - The norms defined by society are subjective. They are based on opinions of the majority of the population. * Change over time - Social attitudes change over time and so the norms of society. E.g. Women wearing trousers. * Value of breaking social norms - Breaking the social norms for benficial purposes. * Human rights abuse - Some people are punished becasue of their 'abnormalities'. E.g. Gay people being put into prison.

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Good, but maybe spacing the information out will help make it easier for the brain to process?!

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Really helpful, but where are the other two definitions?

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