Psychology AS

A summary of AS topics:

Biological psychology


Social psychology


Individual differences

stress and daily hassles

stress related illness- Kiecolt and Glaser et al 1984

Miller (meta analysis 293 cases)


Life changes Rahe et al 1970

Delongis et al (relationship changes)


Daily hassles Gulian et al (work stress)

Gervais (hassles vs uplifts) 


Workplace stress Pomaki et al (correlational analysis)

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personality and treatment

Personality Friedmann and roseman (TYPE A)

Kobasa (1979) (800 executives srrs hardiness test)

Kobasa and maddi (hardiness)


Coping with stress Penley et al (correlational analysis)


 CBT Meichenbaum (stress innoculation training )

Kobasa and Maddi (hardiness training )


Drug therapies Kahn et al (experiment -placebo)

Hildalgo et al meta analysis) 

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Conformity to majority Asch 1956


Individual differences Eagly and Carl

Baron et al (validity)


Conformity to minority Moscovici et al (1969)

Wood et al meta analysis


Explanations of conforming Fein et al 

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Obediance Milgram lab experiment

(Orne and Holland)-people learn to distrust experimenters

Mandel (external validity)


Eplanations Agentic shift / Buffers / Gradual commitment


Resisting moral consideration (Kohlburg)

Non conformist peronality


Social heroism(Zimbarbo)

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Locus of control and implications

Locus of control Rotter


Attributional style  Anderson


Evaluation Twenge et al (meta analysis)


Disobedience Milgram

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