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AssumptionsBehaviour is determined by how the mind processes information. Covers memory, language and language acquisition.

Strengths: - Much research uses lab experiments, controlled conditions = "cause and effect" relationships.

- Knowing details of cognivitve problems can help those with cognitive problems 

- One of approaches that account for important basic faculties, eg. memory

- Practial application: Loftus' work on memory- improved police questioning techniques, and Barcon Cohens- deal with and help autistics.

Weaknesses: - lab experiments- ecological validity, eg Loftus and Palmer - dont experience real crash, Baron cohen- not normally see eyes static and not in colour, demand characterisitcs - Loftus and Palmer.

- difficult to measure, complex mental activity - Savage Rambaugh. 

- humans minds more than machines-emotions, memory may be affected by shock

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