psychology revision cards for social psychology, bio-psychology, developmental psychology and behavioral psychology

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social psychology

1) Name two studies into conformity

2) Name a study into obedience

3) What are the two types of conformity

4) List all the factors that influence conformity

5) List all the factors that influence obedience

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social psychology

1) Asch(lines) , Zimbardo(prison), Sherif(autokinetic)

2) Milgrim(shocks), Hoffling(nurses)

3) Informative(intelligence) and Normative(liked)

4) size of the group, allies and task dfficulty

5) respect and status

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Behavioural psycholoyy #1

1) What are the two types of conditioning are there?

2) who did the little albert experiment?

3) what ethics were broken in the little albert experminet?

4)how does ARRM fit into phobias?

5) what was Minekas experment testing?

6) what is fear of open spaces?

7) what is fear of heights?

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Behavioral psychology#1

1) Operant(skinners rats) and Classical (Pavlovs Dogs)

2) Watson & Rayner

3) Debriefing, right to withdraw, stress

4) A-attention the child notices the parent has a phobia and sees the parent get comforted and a cuddle, R-retention- you remeber what you saw, R-reproduction- you are able to reproduce the same behaviour as the parent who had the phobia, M- Motivation- you want to do the same behaviour to be 'normal'

5) Prepardness

6) Agoraphobia

7) Acrophobia

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Behavioral psychology #2

1) What does sex typing mean?

2) What does sex identity mean?

3) What does gender identity mean?

4) Whats the psychodynamic for sex and gender?

5) Who did a study into sex and gender?

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Behavioural Psychology #2

1) Treating people in accordance with society's expectation of then because of their sex.

2) The biological status of being male or female based on the cromosomes (female ** male xy) and genitals/reproductive organs

3) The psychological status of being male or female this refers to how you feel about yourself in terms of being male or female

4) The study of the relationships between the mind, personality and mental or emotional consequences, especially at the subconcious level.

5) Bem

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Developmental Psychology

1) what are the four types of attachment

2) in Harlows monkey experiment did the monkeys prefer comfort of food?

3) which type of attachment are abused children usually in?

4) who did the strage situation experiment?

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Developmental Psychology

1) Type A- insecure avoidant. Type B- Secure attachment. Type C-insecure resistance. Type D- Insecure disorganised

2) Comfort

3) Type D because it has no pattern and the mothers ae usually depressed which means there moods change often which confuse the children so they act the same random way.

4) Ainsworth

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