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Applying conditioning to human behaviour: behaviou

This is the use of classical conditioning:

systematic desensitisation: Where the phobia is gradually introduced with relaxation techniques taught beforehand. this is thought to be successful as both fear and relaxation aren't felt at the same moment in time.

flooding: where the phobic is exposed to the stimulus until eventually the body can't take the level of physiological arousal. Mostly successful and quicker and cheaper than systematic desesitisation but causes ethical concerns

Aversion therapy: Aims to stop behaviour by conditioning it to something unpleasant. e.g alcholic is given a drug that makes them nausic everytime they drink. works better on some than others

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Applying conditioning to human behaviour: behaviou

This is the use of Operant conditioning:

Behaviour shaping: Has been used to improve the communication skills of autistic children. It has been effective but reinforcement needs to be maintained.

Token economy: desired behaviour is rewarded with tokens that can be exchanged for something the individual wants. Has been used in institutions to encourage good hygiene habits. this is effective but the individual may rely on this and may find it hard to continue desired behaviour with out it.

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