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What is the 'multi-store model'?

  • The multi-store model was propsed by Atkinson and Shiffrin in 1968.
  • It is a processing system and is divided into stages in which each one concerns either capacity, duration or encoding.
  • They believe information from the enviorment registers with the sensory memory for a brief period of time.
  • It then either decays or passes on into the short-term memory store.
  • Short-term memory (STM) has a small capacity and short duration, therefore information can be lost within a few seconds if it is not rehearsed.
  • Items are usually held in the STM in the form of sound.
  • If sufficiently rehearsed it can be passed into the Long-term memory (LTM).
  • Once in there, it can be stored for a lifetime but can be lost or damage by damage to the brain and/or processes of decay or interference.


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What is Sensory Memory?

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