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Fletcher intro and his examples


- Created situation ethics in the 60's

-The idea comes from the Bible- "Love one another as I have loved you"

The situational examples:

  • Nuclear bombs used to end the war
  • Being a spy for important information
  • Stealing food to survive
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key words and application

Agape- Selfless love

Antinomianism- No fixed moral principles

Homosexuality and Polyamory 

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Four working principles and the six propositions

Pragmatism- The most loving thing to do

Relativism- Approaching every situation with an open mindset

Positivism- We must love one another because the love is from God

Personalism- Who you help and how many people 

1st proposition- Love is only good

2nd proposition-Love is the most important thing

3rd proposition- Justice and love are the same

4th proposition-Love without expecting anything in return

5th proposition-The end justifies the mean

6th proposition-Desicions are made situationally

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Strengths and weaknesses


  • It is personal
  • It focusses on the outcome 
  • It is modern


  • Different people will have different opinions
  • We can't be trusted to do the right thing
  • Allows terrible things to happen
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