Psychology evaluations paper 1

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Schaffer and Emerson- Glasgow babies

P- naturalistic study

E- parents observed children in own home without presence of researchers 

E- therefore, good external validity and generalisable 

P- longitudinal study 

E- same children, followed up reguarly 

E- eliminates confounding variables and therefore more internally valid 

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Harlow's Monkeys

P- ethical issues

E- monkeys experienced high levels of stress

P- animal study

E- used rhesus monkeys 

E- therefore hard to generalise findings to humans 

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Learning theory to explain attachment

P- research disagrees 

E- Harlow's monkeys, chose comfort over food

E- lacks external validity

P- quality of attachment depends on level of reciprocity and interactional synchrony

E- attachment based on food complex interactions would not be needed

E- reduces validty of research 

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Bowlby's monotropic theory

P- doesnt consider the role of the father

E- doesnt explain how a father can affect a child's attachments

E- therefore gender bias

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Ainsworth, strange situation


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