Psychology Dissolution of Relationships

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Dissolution of Relationships- 1

Why might realtionships break down?   cheating, jelaously, lack of communication                            (1) Economic Theories (2) Duck Precipitaing Factors And Phase Model (3) Lee Stage Model

(1) Economic Theories------ equality of costs and benefits may lead to break down                            SLT: All selfish by nature, weigh up costs and benefits, costs outweigh benefits= breakdown in relationship                                                                                                                                           HATFIELD: Happiest= costs and benefits equal ---- break down= imbalance in rewards SUPPORT- research into marriges- under benefitted= angry, over benfefitted= guilty                       NOT explain why people stay in unhappy relationships- KARNEY & BRADBURY: unhappiness not predict divorce                                                                                                                                 - (SLT), issues quantifying costs and benefits, selfish, not expalin pwople stay in unhappy relationships, (EQUITY THEORY), Not explain why people stay in unhappy marriges , individual difference                                                                                                                                              + supported by resarch, ARGYLE: women overbenefitted less happy than in equitable marriges      IMPICATIONS: DETERMINSTISTIC, Relationship are just based upon cost and benefits and have no other corresponding factors

(2) Ducks Precipitaing Factors-------- risk factors break down relationships, e.g. lack of skills(social skills), lack of stimulation (lack of rewards) BAXTER: lack of stimulation

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Dissolution of Relationships- 2

stimulation cause relationships to break down BOEKHOUT: Affairs direct link to lack of skills and stimulation, maintinance difficulties ROHLFING: People find it easier to maintain long distance        +peronality= important in realtionship, GRAZIANO= high agreeableness                                            DUCK'S PHASE MODEL:

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