Psychology Cultural Variations In Realtionships

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Cultural Variations In Relationships- 1

INTRO:  Post-modern approach= doubts research into interpersonal relationships---need to be considered in terms of context or environment        context of relationship= differs from culture to culture                                                                                                                                                   Individualistic and collectivist diffences------------HOFSTEDE(1984)                                                (1) Romance (2) Extended Families (3) Norms And Rules 

(1) Romance----western- choice in partner= love----think this applies to all cutures: evidence not     SHAVER, WU & SCHWARTZ: Cultural differnces- China= pain and sorrow associated with love    Eastern & Western- E=Collectivist W= Individualistic                                                                          LEVINE:Postive correlation between love and individualsm= +0.56- individualsim & love(USA, Brazil, England e.t.c)   IMPLICATION: Too SIMPLISTIC, blinded by love                     Voluntary & Non-Voluntary: wetern=urban settings, large number of people Non- western= lees urban------pool of potential people=diferent                                                                                 Arrange marrige= non-western YELSMA & ATHAPPILY: Indian and North American marriges=no difference in love            GUPTA & SINGH: Differnt conclusions= love in indian marrige (half=arranged), SHORT Term & Long Term  PROBLEMS: social desirability,no relevant answers Continuity & Discontinuity: duration of relationship varies in cultures e.g.China,divorce=shameful-----rate divorce=4%     America=40-50% GOODWIN

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Cultural Variations In Relationships- 2

SIMMEL:Divorce higher in individualistic due to finding ideal partner                                            Divorce= rare years ago- western societies shifting towards urbanisation, urban/non-urban            

(2) Extended Families: Cultures differ in individuality & uniqueness                                            Individualistic= private life    Colectivists= tribe style      Familism 

Nuclear(parents & offspring) Extended Family( More than 2 generations)    Nuclear=parents make decisions, children become independant  Extended= share responsibilities(Asian, Hispanic)   Collectivist= mulit generational e.g. Traditional Asian Familes 

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