Psychological factors

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Based on beliefs on ones self.  Based on:

Sself-image:  Idea of who you are

Self-esteem: How you value yourself

Ideal-self:  Who you like to be

Self-concept involves:

How clever/fit/strong we are

How popular we are with others

How we compare ourself with others

How good we are at activities

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How self-concept is affected by...

Age:  changes as older, comparing with others, changes in different areas of life

Appearence:  if we feel we look good then we have positive self-image, comparing with others

Gender:  stereotypical roles some people dont fit in with these then have negative self-esteem

Culture:  shapes image of ourselves, how much we match our culture

Emotional development:  based on level of interactions, emotional attachments, abuse is negative

Education:  higher level of education is higher level of self-concept

Relationships with others:  people provide love and support means a higher self-concept

Sexual orientation:  both positive and negative affects, different rules in society

Life experiences:  key moments in life can have either positive or negative affects

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Self-concept: Positive

Positive affects on self-concept:

Feeling accepted

Feeling confident

Being independent

Feeling involved

Feeling capable

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Self-concept: Negative

Negative affects on self-concept:

Feeling rejected

Feeling insecure

Feeling unwanted

Feeling incompetent

Being dependent

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