Psychological Abornormality

Anti-psychiatry - this was a movemnt associated with Szasz and Laing that rejected the medical model of psychopathology. Instead they proposed that people had 'problems with living' rather than psychological disorders. 

Psychosis - this refers to a state when the individual appears to have lost contact with reality. It occurs in disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar depression. The individual does not have insight into their condition. 

Schizophrenia - this is a complex disorder. Some people with schizophrenia will have hallucinations and delusions. These are referred to as positive symptoms. Others become inactive and show little in the way of behaviour or emotional responsiveness. These are referred to as negative symptons. People can show a mix of positive and negative symptons, 

Cultural relativity - the idea that some aspects of psychology vary from culture to culture. So patterns of infant attachment might vary across different cultures, and definitions of abnormality such as dsn are certainly culture-specific. 

Psychopathy - a term used to refer to an apparent lack of empathy and understanding of others. 

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