Psycholgy AQA A: Choosing A Statistical Test

Information on Ordinal and Nominal data and Chi-Squared, Spearman's Rho, Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon stats tests.

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Ordinal Data

A set of data is said to be ordinal if the values / observations belonging to it can be ranked (put in order) or have a rating scale attached. You can count and order, but not measure, ordinal data.

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Nominal Data

A  set of data is said to be nominal if the values / observations belonging to it can be assigned a code in the form of a number where the numbers are simply labels. You can count but not order or measure nominal data.

For example, Males could be expressed as 0 and females 1.

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Chi - Squared

Level of measurement: Nominal

Note: Chi-squared is the only stats test that is nominal.

Design: Independent

(To remember: CIN - Chi-squared, Independent, Nominal)

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Spearman's Rho

Level of Measurement: Ordinal

Shows the relationship between two variables: Correlation

(To remember: SOC - Spearman's Rho, Ordinal, Correlation)

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Mann - Whitney

Level of Measurement: Ordinal

Design: Independent Groups

(To remember: MOI - Mann-Whitney, Ordinal, Independent)

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Level of Measurement: Ordinal

Design: Repeated Measure

(To remember: WOR - Wilcoxan, Ordinal, Repeated)

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