Psychic Healing

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Psychic Healing AO1

Energy Fields;

  • ability to detect a pateints aura (energy field) without touching their body
  • Health is restored by realigning the pateints energy field
  • 10,000 Nurses trained in the UK alone

Anxiety Reduction;

  • Beneficial effects of contact with a sympathetic person
  • Social Support known to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance effectiveness of immune system

Placebo Effect;

  • real, measurable improvement that occurs as a result of believing that an effective treatment has been received
  • Some cases of psychic healing= successful BUT then people either are healed and are fine or have unreported relapses
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Psychic Healing- Research support

Wirth (1990);

  • participants with wounds were assigned to treatment
  • No treatment group had knowledge of of which group they were in (eyes were shut)
  • Those who had Psychic Healing healed faster

Cha and Wirth (2001);

  • Prayer increased the fertility of infertile women, with 2x as many women falling pregnant after someone prayed for them than those who did not
  • Research was then published

However.... did they try harder becuase they knew someone was praying for them


  • Wirth--> failed to replicate research and was unable to contact. He was convicted of fraud and jailed
  • Cha--> convicted of plagiarism

Long (1999)--> Ordinary people usd and found that results were better than chance

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Psychic Healing- Research Criticism

Lyvers et al (2006);

  • 20 volunteers with chronic back pain recruited from Australian Newspaper
  • Randomly assigned to treatment and control group
  • Psychic only focused on treatment group however, participants did not know what group they were in
  • Psychic operated at a distance using photos


  • No overall difference in pain scores between treatment and control groups following procedures
  • Those who had greater belief in the paranormal reported greater reduction in pain levels than non believers
  • Emily Rosa

Glickman and Gracley (1998)--> designed a study which eliminated body heat and results went back to chance level

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