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Sleep Studies

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Siffre (1962,1975,1999)

1962: Southern Alps

61 days... Resurfaced 17th Sept... Believed it was 20th August!! 

1975: Texan Cave

6 months... Circadian rhythms settle to around 24 hours... BUT would sometimes be as much as 48h's!!

1999: 'Affects of Age'

60 years old... Internal clock ticked more slowly than when a young man...Sleep patterns changed also.

- All showing evidence for a free-running internal clock... (endogenous pacemakers)

Support: Aschoff and Weaver (1976) 

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Aschoff and Weaver (1976)

Underground WWII bunker... No enxternal cues!!

Most ppts had circadian rhythms between 24-25 hours... 

Showing that the cycle operates without external cues..

BUT Some participants showed rhythms of as much as 29 hours!!

 - Showing that maybe the internal clocks is inaccurate without external cues

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