PSY 2017 Clinical Psychology

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Applied psychology

The professional application of psychological knowledge to the solution of problems assoicated with human behaviour

The main areas of applied psychology can be dined by several key features: 

  • the nature of the problems that require a solution
  • the target populations who normally serve as clients 
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Clinical psychology

The branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental ilness and behavioural problems. 

Aims to reduce psychological distress and to enchance and promote psychological weel-being by the systematic application of knowledge derived from psychological theory and data. 

Target populations:

  • individuals, groups, organisations and systems 
  • work across the lifespan from very young children to older people 
  • people with mild to severy mental health problems with learning disbilities, physical and sensory handicaps, brain injurgy, substance problems, physical health (i.e. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, etc.)
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Science Practitioner Model

The ideology that trained professional psychologists should be knowledgeable in both research and clinical practice. 

  • Integration of science with practice
  • develop cometences in research that allow them to identify and critically appraise reserch evidence to inform clinical practice 
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