Protein Structure

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Primary structure

Sequence of amino acids that forms the protein

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Secondary structure

Chain of amino acids coil or folds depending on the sequence forming either ALPHA HELIXES or BETA PLEATED SHEETS.

Hydrogen bonds holding these together are weak but lots of them give good stability

Nothing to do with the R group

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Tertiary structure

Different bonds and interactions forming between the different R groups of the amino acid

  • Disulfide bridges- between two sulphurs
  • Ionic Bonds- electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged electrons
  • Hydrogen bonds
  • Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic interactions

This part is very SPECIFIC and all depends on the order of amino acids if anything changes then an active site may change.

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Quaternary structure

When a proteins come together with other proteins to create either GLOBULAR or FIBROUS proteins

globular example- haemoglobin

fibrous example- collagen 

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