Prosodic features of speech

Sound patterning and phonology of words


Prosodic features of speech

  • Prosodic features are used by people in conversations without alot of thinking
  • Pause- non fluency feature, intentional pauses can be used in grammar constructions such as sentences or clauses.
  • Pitch- different pitch levels/ intonation can affect meaning i.e. the way in which speakers raise their pitch at the end of a question and this is indicated by a question mark.
  • Rise and fall patterns can indicate different feelings. (inlift- speaker raises the pitch of their voice in an interrogative way in the middle of a sentence.)
  • Stress- recognisable in spoken language, a stressed word/syllable is preceded by a slight pause and is spoken at an increased volume.( writers italicise words that carry stress)
  • Some words will be stressed more than others i.e. nouns,verbs,adjectives and adverbs
  • Volume- generally used to show emotions such as fear or anger, it can be shown in writing by the use of an exclamation mark or with capitals and italics.
  • Tempo- to some extent its a form of idolect and it can indicate the difference between impatience and reflectiveness. (shown in writing through unspoken words)
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