Pros and Cons of Nuclear Power

The pros and cons of nuclear power; for anyone who needs a little help with their homework :)

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  • Emits relativly low amounts of CO2.
  • Technology is readily available - does not have to be developed.
  • It is possible to generate a large amount of electrical power in one power plant.
  • Nuclear power needs littlefuel - less vunerable to shortages
  • Nuclear power is one of the safest ways to produce energy.
  • Generating electricity by nuclear power is a 24/7 operation and is not subject to wind, sun or tides.
  • It can be fine tuned to meet public demand
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  • Produces radioactive waste that remains dangerous for thousands of years.
  • We havent produced a reliable method for dealing with radiocative waste.
  • Although the risk is small, the consequences of an accident are immense.
  • Nuclear power is NOT carbon free
  • Nuclear power plants as well as nuclear waste could be preferred targets for terroist attacks.
  • You cant build power plants in a short time - it takes 20-30 years
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