Properties & Structures of Metals

Looking over properties and structures in metals (more atomic).

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) Shiny

) Tangible (a solid object)

) High Density

) Malleable (easily shaped)

) Good conductors of Heat and Electricity

) Hard/Strong

) High Boiling/Melting points

) Solid at Room Temperature (excluding Mercury)

(Please note: if there are lines through any of the lines, they are NOT meant to be there. Do your best to ignore them.)

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This is the back of a card. What more needs saying?

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Remember at all times that metals have HUGE structures and that these structures are related to their properties. The structure inside of a metal, when looking at its atomic side, is one made up of mainly metal atoms/ions and free (or delocalised) electrons.

The metal atoms/ions are held together in a regular structure by all the free electrons, allowing the atoms to slide over eachother. This means metals are malleable.

Plus, because of all the delocalised electrons, metals are good conductors of both heat and electricity.

Actually, because of that sea of free electrons, metals have all the properties which makes them metallic. All because of that huge structure, metals are made metals.

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