Properties of a Wave



Fetch is the distance a wave travels from one coast to another.

It depends on the prevailing wind, which is NE/SW in the United Kingdom.

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Destructive Waves

  • Created in stormy conditions
  • Wind is powerful and creates big waves
  • Wave is high
  • Short wavelength
  • Long
  • Weak swash
  • Strong back

Dominant process: EROSION

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Constructive Waves

  • They are created in calmer weather
  • They are less powerful
  • They deposit material
  • Swash stronger than backwash
  • Long wavelength
  • Low wave

Dominant process: DEPOSITION

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  • When the load bangs against itself or the bottom of the seabed
  • Eroding away
  • Base of river will become eroded and become wider and deeper
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  • Scraping against rocks
  • Smoothed by load
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  • Salt dissolves rocks
  • Structure will break down
  • Rust will occur on metals
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Hydraulic Action

  • Air pressure causes water to force into cracks in the rock
  • Erosion by water
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