Propaganda in Nazi Germany


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Aims -To ensure nobody in Germany could see or read anything anti-Nazi, To ensure the views of the Nazis were put across in the most persuasive way possible.

Goebbels banned anti-Nazi newpapers told the other newspapers what to write, people were threatened if they cancelled their subscription to a nazi newspaper.

Weimar films were very good, people might not like propaganda films of lesser quality, a few were made, short propaganda films were before other films.

Millions of cheap radios were made and radio loud speakers were set up in public squares

The Nazis created new list of events to celebrate there was a week long rally at nurenburg every year.

Hard to control artists etc they had to belong to Nazi society unsuitables banned.

Hitler liked classical architecture.

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Berlin Olympics

New Stadium etc

sucess of atheletes was to show strength of Germany

anti-semetism dropped.

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Pami Shazmin


that did not help.

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