Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells

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Prokaryotic cells

  • these are simple cells like bacteria
  • they don't have a nucleus with a double membrane they either have neucleoide or a plasmid of gentic material
  • have no organelles with a membrane 
  • smaller than Eurkaryotic cells 
  • flagella on this type of cell are not supported by microtubles
  • they can have cupsule which is a slime covered layer
  • the cell walls are made of murin not cellulose
  • unicelluar
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Eukaryotic cells- animal and plant cells

  • these cells tend to be bigger compared to Prokaryotic cells as they have more organelles
  • they have a neuclus which holds the DNA which as a double membrane
  • they don't have a capsule
  • if they do have flagella then they are supported by microtubeles
  • these are complexed specialised cells which make up humans and other animals
  • in plants cells the cell walls are made of cellulose
  • multicelluar organisums
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