3 Bacteria and Virus Structure

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Bacteria Structure

  • Cell Wall
    • Physical barrier that excludes certain substances
    • Protects against mechanical damage and osmotic lysis
    • Made from murein, made from polysaccharides and peptides
  • Capsule
    • Protects bacteria from other cells
    • Helps bacteria stick together
    • Slimy
  • CSM
    • Controls entry and exit of chemicals
    • Has 70S ribosomes attached
  • Circular DNA
    • Has the genetic information for binary fission
  • Plasmid
    • Has genes that aid survival such as enzymes that break down antibiotics
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Virus Structure

  • Acellular
  • Non-living
  • 20-300nm
  • has nucleic acids in the form of DNA or RNA
  • Requires a host cell to multiply
  • Contained within a capsid
  • Some viruses such as HIV have a lipid envelope
  • Attachment proteins on the surface to invade cells
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