Prohibition (can be seen as a failed plan)

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Prohibition (can be seen as a failed plan)

  • 1919- 18th Amendment to the constitution made manufacture, sale and transport of Alcahol illegal.
  • It failed because:
  • Not enough police to enforce the law, also many accepted bribes
  • Drinking continued in 'speakeasies' (illegal bars)
  • Moonshine (illegaly made alcahol)
  • Bootlegging (smuggling alcahol for sale)
  • It made ordinary people into criminals
  • Violence and crime through gangsters of illegal trade increased-it was very profitable.
  • Some illegaly made alcahol had adverse affects on the people for example some caused internal bleeding which killed a lot of people.
  • 21st Amendmant caused the end of prohibition (it proved that it failed)
  • But it succeeded in:
  • Consumption of alcahol fell even after the end of prohibition
  • 50 million litres of illegal alcahol was dicovered and destroyed
  • Eliot Ness and the Untouchables were recognised as high standad police.
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