Prohibition - The banning of alcohol from 1920-1933

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Prohibition - why?

  • Prohibition was introduced because many people thought it was having a bad influence on peoples lives.

- By the end of the first world war a strong 'temperance' (anti alcohol movement), had grown up in the small towns and rural areas around the USA.

 - Members of groups such as the 'Anti - Salloon League' were often christians who belived the use of alcohol was a sin.

  • The blamed the 'demon drink' for problems such as:
  • The break down of marraiges
  • crime
  • sexual immorality
  • social problems in America

20th of January 1920 - the government agreed to the 18th Amendtment to the US constitution. this banned the:

  • manufacture of alcohol
  • sale of alcohol, and the
  • consumpion of alcohol.

America was to be 'dry'.

This law caused some friction between the countryside and urban areas. People in the cities such as New York and Chicago still wanted to have the freedom to drink. This law, in their view would attach their personal freedom

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